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Lemongrass Diffuser Oil


Bodhi Naturals’ Lemongrass diffuser Oil for Diffusers has a crisp aroma which makes it a great room freshener. This Lemon Grass Diffuser Oil contains effective bug-repellant properties as it has been formulated with professional blends of natural lemongrass essential oil with other natural oils. 




Fresh, citrus and grassy.



  • On inhalation it helps relieve, stress, anxiety, and Depression. 
  • It tones and purifies the skin.
  • Natural bug repellent
  • Relieve aches and pains


How to use:

Fill 10 ml of water and add  5-10 drops of this natural diffuser oil in the bowl of a diffuser as a room freshener or for aromatherapy.



15 ml


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