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Neroli Essential Oil


Neroli essential oil -.It has a fresh, sweet-spicy scent that stimulates a warm and comforting feeling. 

It has numerous amazing benefits. Ideal for uplifting moods and refreshing emotions. It is famous for its positive effects on skin and hair care. 



  • It reduces the appearance of acne.
  • It helps skin to brighten up.
  • It may reduce itchiness and flakiness of the skin.
  • Uplift the mood and relieves anxiety.
  • It helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms.


How to use: 

Add 5-6 drops of Neroli essential oil to carrier oil, warm water, moisturizer or hair oil. Mix it well. Gently massage it on your body parts or hair. 





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  • What does neroli oil blend well with?

    Neroli oil blends well with chamomile, clary sage, coriander, ginger, frankincense, geranium, lavender, lemon, jasmine, rose, orange, and Ylang Ylang oils.

  • Can neroli oil be applied directly to the skin?

    Yes, you can apply neroli essential oil directly on the skin, but make sure you do a patch test on your arm before applying it directly on your face to avoid any reaction.

  • How do you apply neroli oil to your skin?

    You can use neroli essential oil for skin directly or with carrier oil and use it as a spritzer. You can also pour a little amount of oil in the bath or into a facial steamer to inhale.

  • Where do you apply neroli essential oil?

    You can apply neroli oil on skin combining it with a carrier oil of your choice or use it in a diffuser or spritzer.

  • What is neroli oil best for?

    Neroli essential oil is best for reducing anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and menopausal symptoms. It may be used for skin care as it is helpful in reducing acne breakouts and skin irritation.

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