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Nidra Raksha


Ylang-Ylang essential oil + Lavender essential oil 

A sound sleep is essential to keep your mind and body active and prepared for a hectic work schedule. Without it, your body is vulnerable to serious issues like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and depression. Our nidra raksha essential oil combo can help you improve your sleep cycle and prevent chronic conditions like insomnia. The combo includes Ylang – Ylang oil and Lavender oil, which are known for their sedative and relaxing properties and are a natural remedy to get sound sleep. Adding these oils to your daily care routine will send you into deep slumber and make you relaxed and rejuvenated for the long work day ahead.


  • Calm Nervous System
  • Fill environment with relaxing aroma
  • Improve sleep cycle and reduce anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure and improve mental health

How to Use: You can pour a few drops of our natural and pure nidra raksha essential oil onto a cotton pad and keep it underneath your pillow for a sound sleep, or rub the combo oils into the soles of your feet, wrists, and palms after mixing with a carrier oil like Jojoba oil or Almond oil.


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  • How do you use essential oils for sleep?

    Add 4 drops of essential oils for sleep to 10 ml of carrier oil such as jojoba oil, almond oil, or coconut oil. Apply the blend to the skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Furthermore, you can also add a few drops of these oils to your face creams and lotions.

  • What combination of essential oils is good for sleep?

    Geranium oil and lavender oil are the best combinations of essential oils for sleep. These oils have a sedative aroma that helps you fall asleep peacefully at night.

  • Where do you put essential oils for sleep?

    You can put essential oils for seep on the soles of your feet, neck, and wrists. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to your pillow cases for a long-lasting effect.

  • Do essential oils for sleep really work?

    Essential oils for sleep such as geranium, lavender, and chamomile have sedative and relaxing properties which help you get a sound sleep at night

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