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Free Delivery Over Rs.1999

Our Story

Our Mission

Life is all about creating a balance between our mind, body and heart which has gone haywire due to numerous factors pertaining to our unhealthy sedentary lifestyle and degrading climatic conditions. In recent times, we all have experienced a havoc of emotional outburst, leaving us longing for emotional strength and mental peace.
Life would never be same as it was before this ongoing pandemic. The void between the energies would remain empty; but, here we are to help you re-establish and strengthen the balance between your mental, physical, and emotional energies through our deep rooted culture of Ayurveda.

Our Vision

Bodhi Naturals follows the principle of Ayurveda which emphasizes on prevention, and maintaining the balance in life by creating an awareness of “individual being.” Once this awareness is achieved one can minimize or completely eliminate this imbalance.
The medium we chose to help you create this balance is essential oils, incense sticks & cones, and other natural wellness products because of their therapeutic properties.
Our products are manufactured in the city of fragrance, Kannauj, home town of one of our core members. She has witnessed the natural process of extraction of fragrances from the fresh herbs and flowers since her childhood and we are enthusiastic to bring this right into your regimen.
We have combined our years of knowledge of Ayurveda and wellness properties of our products to create the balance and order for a healthy living, leaving you with nothing but peace and tranquillity in life.

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