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Lemongrass Essentials Oil


Extracted by steam distillation of leaves of Lemon grass plant, lemon grass essential oil has fresh ,Citrus, grassy  fragrance.

Packed in Amber colour glass bottle ,our essential oil remain protected  from sunlight and preserve  its natural qualities from oxidation .


  • Fights Acne
  • Strengthen hair
  • Used as Insect Repellant
  • Relief in Menstrual Cramps
  • Detoxifying Properties

How to use-

  • Skin and hair Care-Add 2-4 drops in 5-10 ml of hair care and skin care products.
  • During bath add few drops to warm water to have spa like effect.
  • Use in DIY candles and soaps for natural fine citrus fragrances and benefits of aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy– It helps relieve, stress, anxiety, and Depression as its aroma is peace-inducing, and has soothing and calming effects.

Quantity –  15 ml


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